Security Services

In the face of society’s changing values, protection is no longer adequate to describe the role of a security company.

Prevention, intervention, response, and life-safety more accurately depict the new partnership forged between the Security Company and client.

Industry, corporations, and private residential communities alike recognize the need for total integration of manpower and technology to intercept and minimize loss of property and personal safety. They need a partner that can be trusted to protect their investment.

In recent years, mega-mergers of large national and multinational security firms have led to the deterioration of personalized service. Elite Guard recognizes and follows the principal that the only needs that matter are those of its clients at any given moment. Every client property is unique and a close thorough understanding of each client’s individual needs is a prerequisite for success.

As a locally owned and operated security agency the Principal Owner(s), Managers and Supervisors will work directly with you with 24 hour availability.

One of the highest client retention rates in the industry is a glowing example in our long history of the relationship we establish with each client.

The relationship between our office, our security personnel, and our clients is vital in maintaining an excellent security program.

Elite Guard will establish this partnership during the transition period prior to commencing services and continue with weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings with you, Elite Guard personnel assigned to your property and Elite Guard management.

Quality, personalized customer service, and value are the benchmarks that have elevated our agency as a leader in the security industry.